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Who Are We


Who are we?
     We are your friends and neighbors. We are Americans and as Americans we believe in the Constitution and all the things that make America great. We are also descendants of the brave and dedicated men and women who served in the Confederate forces during the Civil War. What we are not is a hate organization or an organization that wishes to limit the constitutional rights of any individual. We are people who are proud of our family ancestors. They were men and women who demonstrated their bravery, dedication and willingness to fight and die for a cause they believed in. Our purpose is not to be an advocate of the cause they believed in but to honor their memory. It is a gross injustice that the flag they carried into battle has been used by subversive organizations as a symbol of hate and oppression. To us, the Sons of Confederate Veterans, it is a symbol of pride in our ancestors and a symbol of the blood they shed for their cause. We strive to correct the tarnished image that various subversive organizations have created for Confederate battle flag. We are not affiliated with any of these organizations and do not support them in any way. Our purpose is to honor our ancestors by finding forgotten or unmarked graves and providing honor and recognition to all who served the Confederacy. To us it is not about whether the Confederate cause was right or wrong. It is about honoring the bravery and dedication of our ancestors. If you or I had lived during the time of the formation of the Confederacy and grown up with the laws and concepts of that time I wonder which side of the conflict we would have chosen.

James A. Boyd
Great, Great Grandson of
Sgt. John Lewis Boyd 22nd Virginia Cavalry
Army of Northern Virginia.