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From: JAMES FOX []
Subject: Fw: Saltville

We had another planning meeting tonight for the reenactment and as you know the registration fees has come down to 3.00. Also the reenacters will have a very good discount at the new wave pool if they would like to cool off , Im also working on getting the Gator aid like last year and also working on special tours of some of the historical sites here in Saltville ,like the King Stuart house where Flora lived for awhile after Jeb got killed ,The Salt park and the battlefield overlook. Hopefully we can make this year a reenactment that everyone will enjoy ,and by the way if you are a player of music please bring your instrument
Because we would like to have a reenacter Jam session on Saturday night.We would like to hear those 1860s classics come to life and have everyone swapping stories of days gone by .
Thank you and please pass along. And dont worry about registration you can register at the gate.

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