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To Arms!


On January 8th at 6.45 pm at the Saltville Town Hall there will be a public hearing that will probably decide the life or death of a historical peice of our battlefield and our annual reenactment.We need voices and questions put to these people. If we let these people by with this act of destruction then I fear that we will eventually lose the rest.Im also passing along this letter that was sent to the Mayor on the things that happened since the Illegal rezoning meeting. I am also sending you a website to get on the Smyth county watch dog page and leave commints.People are we going to set back and let these polititicians with their big dreams and big money destroy something that is soaked in our ancestors Blood???And also another note ,They are going to log 3 town boundries to make a down payment on their new wave swimming pool that our poor kids will not be able to afford to go to.These boundries house allot of or forts and trenches.Do you think they will be safe???????Friend s NOW is a time to stand and make our voices be heard.Pass this along to all historians ,SCV Reenactors ,UDC .Come to the meeting and make a stand. Remember ,its better to fight and
lose than to not fight at all.Ps in 2007 Saltville got a grant for over 61000.00 to protect and preserve BOTH battlefields.Thank you


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