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Minutes from Last Meeting


Will Osborne Elected Commander of Camp 840 Va. SCV

At the regular October meeting held on October 24, 2010 at the Honaker Public Library Mr William Osborne, 1st Virginia member, was elected as the new Commander of the Captain John F. McElhenny Camp 840 on the Virginia Sons of Confederate Veterans. Mr. Jimmie Richardson, 1st Virginia member was elected as the new 2nd Lt. Commander and Camp Historian. Congratulations go out to both.

Minutes from the October meeting:

1. Will Osborne elected commander

2. Harold Richardson elected 1st Lt. Commander

3. Jim Richardson elected 2nd Lt. Commander

4. The Russell County UDC is planning a marker dedication for the spring of 2011 and have requested Camp 840 for our assistance.

5. Marker dedications for CSA veterans Charles Samples and William Hess will be

scheduled for spring 2011

6. The American Veterans Association will schedule a marker dedication for spring 2011 and request Camp 840s assistance

7. The Gent marker dedication scheduled for October, 2010 was postponed by the family and will be rescheduled at another time

8. The next meeting is scheduled for November 14, 2010 at the Honaker Public Library

Topics to be discussed include:

Schedule Joint Camp Christmas Dinner with the RC UDC

Draw for the Colt Pistol raffled this year as a camp fund raiser

Plan for Fund raiser next year

9. Discussed plans for Veterans Day celebration in 2010; Decided it was to late to plan anything this year

10. Ronnie Meade will find prices on pistols for a fund raiser next year

11. Commander Osborne recognized Dan Jessee and Jim Richardson for selling the most tickets for the pistol

12. Raleigh Short explained to the group the membership qualifications for the American Veterans Assosiation

12. The meeting was adjourned


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