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John Lewis Boyd

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John Lewis Boyd
Sergeant, 22nd Virginia Cavalry CSA


John Lewis was born May 19, 1842 in Russell County. He was the son of Jonathan A. Boyd and Mary M. “Polly” Burnett. John L. served the southern cause from May 1, 1863 until the wars end and was discharged from service in The Valley of Virginia. John Lewis returned to Russell County after the war and married his first wife Jennie Remines. Jennie died in June 1842 and John married Martha Alice Grizzle.
An entry in the diary of Theodore Beldon Lewis indicates that on Sunday May 30th, 1869 John Boyd along with William L Ball, Irene Richardson and Simeon Hunt were baptized and confirmed in the Mormon faith and the Russell Co. Branch of the Church of Latter Day saints was formed on the banks of the Clinch river.
Known as “Elder” John Lewis Boyd in his later years, his name can also be found on the early member lists of New Garden Church.
John attended some of the first reunions of Confederate veterans and is pictured in a group photo taken in front of the Honaker Hotel in 1912.
     I know of no great acts of valor or distinctive service performed by John Lewis but simply surviving one of the deadliest conflicts in American History makes him a hero in my eyes. He departed this world in the summer of 1919 and is buried in the John L. Boyd Cemetery in Wysor Valley, Russell County. He was a soldier, a non commissioned officer and a southern gentleman. He was also my Great, Great Grandfather.

James A. Boyd
Adjutant, SCV Camp 840


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