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Ancestors of Commander Steven Fox

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Thomas Augustas Repass

Thomas Augustas Repass was born November 14, 1841, and died July 20, 1920. He was the son of Ephraim G. Repass and Mary Ann Haymore Repass. Thomas married Theresa Jane Hurt on August 9, 1866 at Cedar Bluff, Virginia. The marriage was performed by Rev. P. J. Lockhart. Theresa was the daughter of William D. and Elizabeth M. McGuire Hurt. Theresa was born December 18, 1849 and died July 20, 1920.
Thomas and Theresa were the parents of 13 children. All were born at Cedar Bluff in Tazewell County, Virginia. Their youngest child, Rosa Myrtle Repass married James Valentine Fox on October 30, 1904 at Pounding Mill, Virginia. This marriage produced seven children and one of these, John Edward Fox, was my father.
Thomas A. Repass served his country during the War of Northern Aggression in the Confederate Army. He entered the war in 1861 as a member of Wise?s Brigade and was later transferred to Company A, 45th Virginia Infantry where he served until captured on June 5th, 1864, by Hunter?s men at the Battle of Piedmont. He was sent to a prisoner of war camp at Camp Morton, Indiana and was held there until exchanged on March 4, 1865. Thomas enlisted on August 9, 1861, at Lewisburg. He reported sick in September 1861 and in November 1861. He was promoted to Corporal in December 1861 and to Sergeant by the final roll.
The 45th Virginia was at the battles of Carnifex Ferry, Giles Court House, Lewisburg, White Sulpher Springs, Cloyd?s Farm, Blountville, Saltville, Piedmont and other battles and skirmishes. The 45th consisted of 10 companies under the command of Captain Joseph Harrison and Captain John Thompson. Company A was known as the Floyd Guard.
Thomas and Theresa made their early home on the south side of Indian Creek on a track of land that was sold to the Iarger and Cedar Bluff Railroad in 1910. Both were active members of the Cedar Bluff Methodist Church where he was Superintendent of the Sunday School for 25 years. Seven of their children were teachers in Tazewell County, Virginia.
Thomas A. Repass was among the first public school teachers in Tazewell County, Virginia and he taught for over 40 years. He was a notary public and land surveyor. Thomas was census enumerator for the year 1880 and served as Township Clerk for the Town of Cedar Bluff for 15 years. Thomas was elected Assessor for the Maiden Springs District on May 26, 1876.

Samuel D. Moore

Samuel D. Moore was born in 1835 in Washington County, Virginia and was the son of John and Elizabeth Moore. He married Sarah Jane Dennison on May 21, 1860, in Russell County, Virginia. The marriage was performed by Rev. John Stallard. Sarah was born in 1826 and died in 1890. She was the daughter of Scott Dennison and Hannah Umbarger Dennison. Scott built a log church in Russell County that is now known as the Dennison?s Methodist Church.
Samuel served his country during the War of Northern Aggression as a member of the Confederate Army. He was captured in Wayne County, Virginia (now West Virginia) and died in a Yankee prison camp at Fort Delaware, located on Pea Patch Island, in the Delaware River in the State of New Jersey. Samuel served with Company B of the 16th Regiment of Virginia Cavalry. He joined at Lebanon, Virginia on August 20, 1862and his Brother-in-law, James Dennison, joined Company B the next day.
Roll 47 of the ?Selected Records of the War Department Relating to Confederate Soldiers, 1861-1865?, shows that Samuel was a prisoner at Fort Delaware. He was a private in the 16th Virginia Cavalry, Company B and was captured in Wayne County on February 115, 1864. He entered the camp?s hospital on March 3, 1864 and died there at Fort Delaware on March 19, 1864 of flux. Samuel is buried at Finns Point National Cemetery in New Jersey. He left his wife and three small children: Hannah, Cain and Rachel.
Rachel Elizabeth Moore married William Thomas Stevenson on September 3, 1884. The marriage was performed by Rev. W. M. Buckles. The couple had three children: Sarah Alita Stevenson, Eva Osie Stevenson and William Clarence Stevenson.
William was my mother?s father and my Grandfather.
     Roll 47 of the same source listed above confirms that James Dennison (Samuel?s Brother-in-law) was a prisoner at Fort Delaware. He was a private in the 16th Virginia Cavalry, Company B. He was captured on the same day and place as Samuel in 1864. James was admitted to the Fort?s hospital on March 12, 1864 and died there on March 19, 1864 of inflammation of the lungs. James is also buried at Finns Point National Cemetery.
     Samuel and his Brother-in-law James joined the Confederate Army one day apart in 1862. They served in the same unit until captured by Union troops on the same day in 1864. They were sent to the same Union prison camp and died there in the camp hospital on the same day. They both left young widows and small children as they gave their lives in the defense of their country.
     After Samuel and Sarah Jane married they lived in a log house up on the hill from the Scott Dennison home in Russell County, Virginia. After the war Thomas and Mary E. Dennison Jones lived there. Sarah lived with her daughter Hannah in her late years and is buried in the Dennison Family Cemetery near Belfast in Russell County.


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