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Sent: Sunday, August 24, 2008 23:16
To: Virginia Courier
Subject: [VAcourier] Review of the Virginia Division Dues Renewal BillingProcess
Most Virginia Division SCV members in good standing should have received their 2008-2009 Billing Statement. If needed, a Replacement Dues Form can be downloaded from the Virginia Division Web site at or a replacement bill can be requested by sending an e-mail to Division Treasurer Joe Wright at along with your name & address, camp name and camp number.

- All dues must be received by the Division prior to October 31, 2008 to avoid a late fee. Please review your contact information and make any corrections in the lower portion of the bill marked "changes to my personal data".

The "SUBTOTAL/Minimum Amount to be Paid" should include the total of your camp, division, and national dues. If there is no amount listed for your camp dues, check with your camp adjutant to determine the amount to fill in this area. Virginia Division dues are $10.00 and National dues are $30.00 unless you previously paid life membership dues at national and/or at the division level (these are 2 separate life memberships).

Check off any additional contributions that you wish to make and write the total of all dues in the "TOTAL ENCLOSED" area of the form and again at the top portion of the form that you will save for your records. Cut off the top 1/3 portion of the form which is marked "RETAIN TOP PORTION FOR YOUR RECORDS" and save it for future reference. The lower 2/3 portion of the bill must be returned, along with your check for the total amount due, to your camp adjutant. Fold the 2/3 portion of your bill on the "FOLD HERE" dotted line and insert into the window envelope provided ensuring that your adjutant's mailing address appears through the window.

Camp Adjutants:
Verify that each camp member's contact information is correct as well as the total for his bill. When you have received 4 or more dues statements & their corresponding checks, total the checks and deposit them into your camp account. Subtract the amount of your camp dues from each statement and write a check to "Virginia Division SCV" for the remaining amount (National & Division dues for each member). Mail the check and the original lower 2/3 portion of each member's billing statement to the Virginia Division Treasurer at the address below:

Sons of Confederate Veterans
Virginia Division
P.O. Box 114
Beaverdam, VA  23015-0114

The Division Treasurer will collect and deposit Division dues and send a check to National HQ for each member received. He will then forward the information for each paying member on to the Division Adjutant who will update the camp rosters.


Reinstatements or transfers
- Adj. Mike Rose will be able to assist you with any reinstatements or transfers back into your camp. All checks (made payable to Virginia Division SCV) and reinstatement or transfer forms should be mailed to Adj. Rose at the following address:

Virginia Division
P.O. Box 9043
Virginia Beach, VA  23450


John Sawyer, Commander
Virginia Division SCV
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