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War Between the States (New Garden's part.)


Camp was located in an old school house one and one-fourth miles from Honaker, Virginia, or about twenty-one and one-fourth miles east of Lebanon, Virginia, the County seat.

Battles: in what is now Tazewell County and several men killed.

Musters or drills: flat field back of the town of Honaker, Virginia, about 20 miles east, of Lebanon Virginia,the county seat, on Route #645.
3.     Date:


later, owned by Isaac Boyd,


Camp: The Camp was in an old log school, near the residence of the late Isaac Boyd, located about one and one-fourth mile from Honaker. The building had only one room, and the boys slept on the floor. The log building has since been torn away.

Battles: The first call came for volunteers from 16 to 25 years of age. General Berbridge passed through Pike County, Kentucky to Tazewell County, Virginia. A skirmish was had in Tazewell County and several men killed.

Musters or drills: The soldiers drilled or mustered- on the flat hill near the home of the present Commonwealth Attorney, L. E. Fuller. This flat hill is located on New Garden Route #645, and is only a few hundred yards from the town of Honaker, Virginia. This was beautiful hillside during the muster. Once a /year the boys from all over the County met and had a general muster.

Captain Sim Hunt was captain of the Militia and was the first man to organize a company, to leave New Garden District to go to the Civil War. :     -


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