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Grey Line 12-2


Vol. 12 No. 2 May 2006 Information for Commanders, Adjutants and 30.593 Members:

Information contained in the Gray Line is for use by all members. Commanders are encouraged to copy those items which directly affect their membership into their camp newsletters, or to include the Gray Line in its entirety as a part of your newsletters. Communication throughout the organization is very important and the Gray Line offers us a means to provide members with the most up-to-date information on many different topics.


SCV Membership and Recruiting:

Membership currently stands at 30,593 including 3039 Life Members and 57 Real Sons. The new prorated dues system, discussed again in this issue, has eliminated any incentive to post pone recruiting new members until after the new fiscal year begins on August 1st. So, please continue to recruit new members and get former members to reinstate as we build the SCV to a new level that surpasses any past achievements. The membership application may now be printed directly from the website on non recycled bond paper which meets all historical requirements. Please help the SCV in the transition from expensive printed application brochures mailed from IHQ to printing a one page application quickly and easily at the camp level. The GEC on May 13,2006 approved a new SCV informational brochure that includes fresh photographs and revised written material. This piece will not contain a membership application. A limited number of single page membership applications will continue to be printed with the Confederate states" archives names, addresses, phone numbers and websites on the reverse side. The current multi page Heritage of Honor brochure, combining both an application and SCV information, is being phased out and will no longer be printed. The informational gray cards will also continue to be available.

Dues Proration:

The SCV annual convention in Nashville TN in late July 2005 approved an amendment to prorate dues beginning this fiscal year and going forward in the future. The SCV operates on a fiscal year (not calendar) beginning August 1st of one year and going through July 31st of the following year. The current fiscal year, August 1, 2005 through July 31, 2006, is shown as status 2005 on your roster which means those members are paid through July 31, 2006. Additionally, there is a 3 month grace period from August 1st through November 1st when members are still current while the camps work to collect the $20 dues for the next fiscal year. After November 1st of each year, a $5 late fee is applied to the normal $20 dues. If someone joins in May, June or July (which is technically the 4th quarter of our fiscal year) he can pay his yearly $20 yearly dues and the $5 new member processing fee plus he has the option to pay an additional $5 to initially join for both the current fiscal year as well as the next fiscal year, a total of $30.00, meaning his dues will be paid through July 31,2007. Please remember that this prorated dues option is only available when the member pays dues for both the current and next fiscal years. There is not an option to pay only the partial dues for remainder of the current fiscal year. This new amendment, adopted at the Nashville Convention, is a great improvement over the past practice when men who joined during the last six months of the fiscal year had only one option which was to pay the entire $25 for the remaining months in the fiscal year and then pay again come August 1st. before the November 1st grace period

2006 SCV Membership Directory:
Your directory should be received in early June 2006 due to some unforeseen delays experienced by the publisher. This year's directory will contain an added feature of supplemental ancestors being included in the listing of members by ancestor section of the book.

Gray Line

The Gray Line is only being sent out by internet! Please share this information with the members of your camp. Any member may receive the Gray Line. Please be sure that your Army secretary has the current email addresses for your Camp Commander and Adjutant. If neither the Camp Commander nor Adjutant has an email address, please furnish an alternate email address to the IHQ. Please send any changes or additions for the Gray Line email list to

2006 Reunion Camp Mailing

In the near future your camp adjutant will receive a current camp roster, credentials form and information pertaining to voting at the 111th Annual General Reunion/Convention of the SCV to be held August 2 - 6, 2006. Please be sure this information is shared with the Camp Commander. The credentials form should list the delegate(s) and signed by either the commander or adjutant as listed on the camp roster. Please ensure that the IHQ has the correct current commander and adjutant listed on the roster. New membership, reinstatements and transfers will continue to be added to your roster on any mail received at the headquarters with a post mark date of July 1, 2006 or earlier.

The SCV Gray Line is published periodically by the Sons of Confederate Veterans, P.O. Box 59, Columbia, TN 38402
Commander-ln-Chief DenneA. Sneeney • 347RidgewoodDr.-Ferrfe,TX75124• (H)972-842-2722•
SCV Executive Director: Ben Sewell—, ext 207
Contact Information: Nikki Thornton, Amy of Northern Virginia, ext 204 Deanna Nay, Army of Tennessee, ext. 202
Stephanie Bible, Army of Trans Mississippi, ext 203
Brian Sharp, Membership Coordinator, ext 201 David Stinson, Merchandising- mktadm@scv,org, ext. 205
(800) 380-1896     (931) 381-6712 (Fax)


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