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37th Virginia Infantry Roster

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The Roster Roll of Company C, 37th Regiment, Virginia Infantry, Third Brigade (Taliaferro's), Jackson's old Division, Jackson's Corps, Army of Northern Virginia.

CAPTAIN - J. F. McIhany, dead.

LIEUTENANTS - James L White, wounded; John D. Duff, killed; J.D. Alderson.

SERGEANTS - John W. Fickle, dead; Mike Powers, dead; William H.Fuller, wounded; Floyd Carico.

CORPORALS - James L. Williams; John T. Gray, wounded; William Carson, dead; C. B. Price, wounded.


James Adams, dead
Thomas C. Aston, dead
Melvin Anderson, killed
Orral Anderson
C. C. Baker
Wesley Barker, dead
Edward Ball
Joseph Bausell, dead
George Bays, dead
James Bays, dead
JohnBelther, killed
Habe. Bickley, dead
Isaac Boyd, dead
James Boyd
R. C.Boyd
Charles Breadlore, dead
William Breadlore
John Buckles, dead
Fleming Burk, killed
John G. Burk
James Bussey
John Bussey, killed
William Campbell, wounded, dead
Luther H. Clapp
Fitze Coman, dead
National Cooper, wounded
William P. Cooper, wounded
John Counts, dead
John Crowder, dead
William Culberson, killed
William Davenport
E. D. K. Davis
J. B. Davis, wounded
Fullen Dickenson
John Dickenson, wounded
Thomas Dougherty, killed
James Duff
John Duff
O. C. Duff
Reece B.Duff, dead
Samuel Duff
Nathan Easterly, killed
Jesse Elliot, dead
Solomon Engle, dead
Isaac Faddas, dead
Daniel Farmer
Jackson Farmer,dead
Andrew Ferrel
H. S. Fickle, wounded, dead
I. B. Fickle, wounded, dead
Elihu Fields, dead
Lilburn Fields
Charles Finery, dead
Dock Fraley, dead
Soloman FRALEY **(deserted)
William Frick, dead
Henry Fry, dead
Lafayette Gilmer
Morgan Gilmer, dead
W.S. Gilmer, dead
Arch Grey
E.D. Grey
James Grey, dead
John D. Grey, wounded, dead
William Greyham
William Haney
William Hanson
Thomas Harris, wounded, dead
W. R. Harry
Lilburn Hendrix, dead
J.J. Heneritzy
Frank Horton, killed
Jefferson Howell, dead
John Human
James Jessee, dead
Jefferson Jessee, Jr., dead
Jefferson Jessee, Sr., killed
Samuel Keller, transferred
Henry Kelly, dead
Jerry Kelly, dead
David Kimberlin
Thomas King
William King
Samuel MCloud, killed
Joseph McCarthy, dead
John McCloud
David McCrut, killed
Charles McElha, dead
John McElhany, dead
John McFaden, dead
Harry Mays, dead
Hensley Mead, dead
Jacob Mitchem
Hugh Montgomery, killed
Henry Moore
Thomas Morton
Hugh Mutter, dead
William Parks
C. W. Powers
Calvin Powers, wounded
Williams Powers, dead
John Sawyers
William Sawyers, dead
G. W. Seacott
Isaac Shell, wounded
James Shell, killed
Armstrong Skenes
George Smith, killed
Riley Smith, dead
Samuel Southerland
Henry Steel
J. H. Sullivan
J. S. Vermillion, killed
Benjamin Whetsel, dead
Charles Whetsel, killed
John Williams, killed
Thomas Wilson, wounded, dead
S. H. Wyett


The foregoing roll was made from memory by C. B. Price, a member of the old company, who now resides at Hansonville, Russell County, Va.


I have been at work on it for one year. If any name has been omitted or is spelled incorrectly, I hope it will be reported to me as I wish the roster to be complete before it is impossible to get it, as the survivors will have soon passed away.


C. B. Price was corporal of Company C, 37th Regiment, Virginia Infantry. Company C was enlisted in Russell County, Va., April 1861, went immediately to the front, and was in the war from start to finish."




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