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First Saltville Summary



Other Names: None

Location: Smyth County

Campaign: Burbridge’s Raid into Southwest Virginia (September-October 1864)

Date(s): October 2, 1864

Principal Commanders: Brig. Gen. Stephen Burbridge [US]; Brig. Gen. Alfred E. Jackson [CS]

Forces Engaged: Divisions (11,000 total)

Estimated Casualties: 458 total

Description: Union cavalry and infantry raiders led by Brig. Gen. Stephen Burbridge attempted to destroy the saltworks near Saltville. He was delayed at Clinch Mountain and Laurel Gap by a makeshift Confederate force, enabling Brig. Gen. Alfred E. Jackson to concentrate troops near Saltville to meet him. On the morning of October 1, the Federals attacked but made little headway. Confederate reinforcements continued to arrive during the day. After day-long fighting, Burbridge retired without accomplishing his objective. Afterwards, Confederate soldiers were said to have murdered, captured, and wounded black soldiers.

Result(s): Confederate victory

CWSAC Reference #: VA076


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